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Corporate Solutions

Looking for solutions for your company? Whether products to offer your employees, your customers, partners or even specific solutions suited to your company, we have the solution!

We offer quality and competitive prices. See below all the products we currently have available (on order) and ask for your budget! If you want a product that is not on this list, but would like a prototype, send us an email (Unit prices vary depending on the quantities ordered). 

Sustainable products, made from reused fabrics or PVC tarpaulins from advertising billboards, which would otherwise go to the landfill. Reduce your company's environmental footprint, bet on more green products and lower your carbon impact!

For workshop requests, HERE.


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Lunch bag

This lunch box reuses canvas from old advertising billboards, perfect for taking food to work.


PC/Tablet Bag

Made from canvas from old advertising billboards, practical and lightweight for transporting your PC to work.



Tell us your name, contact, product you want and quantities. If you have a deadline, also indicate. 

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