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Behind the Brand

Our mission, vision and values: what guides us?


CCC team - creative communities of cascais, cultural and artistic association


Valuing the communities where the centres of

production are inserted, through support to

partner associative movements.

Finding new and sustainable ways of doing things,

grow the project and develop new unique products.

Upcycling and cutting of CCC materials - creative communities in Cascais, cultural and artistic association
Fabric lines


Avoid wasting resources, valuing them to the maximum

at the same time so that they can be useful during

more time, maximizing efficiency through

a circular economy. 

Reuse as many materials as possible that would be

considered waste, preserving the environment.


Create employment opportunities for people in a more vulnerable social and economic situation;


Invest in the training and education of the seamstresses who are part of the project;


Meet the needs of the business through the use of reused materials, as well as individual customers;


Leading in the production of sustainable products made from materials that would otherwise go to waste.


Support for the most vulnerable communities through production and

sale of products made with recycled materials.

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